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Long Form Videos


This page collates in one place all the long form videos - documentaries etc. - that Nacho has created, been involved with or restored, that are currently online.

Untitled Project 77.jpg

David Bowie is The Man Who Fell to Earth | Documentary | 2021

A film about a film: Nic Roeg's 1976 esoteric science fiction movie, The Man Who Fell to Earth, starring David Bowie and Candy Clark.

Now re-released in 2021, to coincide with the 45th anniversary of the movie’s premier at the Odeon Leicester Square in London on the 18th of March 1976, this is a revised version of the original 2017 documentary.

In July 2021, this documentary had it's big screen debut in London, as part of the Wonderous Stories Film Festival. It has been endorsed by Nic Roeg, Candy Clark,, and David Bowie's wife, Iman.

E Man .jpeg

David Bowie in New York 1980 | The Elephant Man, Scary Monsters & Other Strange People | Documentary | 2020

This is an approximately 40-minute documentary that offers an overview of the 6 months that David Bowie was in the U.S., starring in the stage play, The Elephant Man.

The film’s primary focus is on Bowie’s New York experience during that pivotal period. It also outlines the play itself and something of the real-life Elephant Man. Culled from over 50 sources, all known scenes of Bowie as The Elephant Man character are included, along with music, interview and other pertinent archive material.

EC cover 8.jpeg

David Bowie Live on Stage Earls Court London 1978 | 2023 Documentary | Pt. 1

On the 29 and 30 June and 1 July 1978, David Bowie played shows at London's Earls Court. The latter two shows, were filmed for an intended concert movie.


This is a short documentary about those shows, which also attempts to answer the question: “Whatever happened to the STAGE movie?” This film combines live footage from the Earls Court shows and others from the ‘78 tour, plus material from TV and radio shows, with music from the Welcome to the Blackout album and other sources.

Shine So Hard Poster II b_edited.jpg

Echo and the Bunnymen | Shine So Hard | Directed by John Smith | 1981 | Nacho Restoration

“Shine So Hard” is an abstract and fragmentary short film made in 1981, featuring Echo & the Bunnymen. It was directed by John Smith and produced by Bill Butt.


In 2019 the film received a Nacho's Videos restoration.

The page that is linked contains a wealth of information, photos and media about Shine So Hard.

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A Portrait of Mark Wardel | A Film by Bernd and Nacho | 2023


Artist Mark Wardel creates highly regarded David Bowie inspired art. Filmmakers Bernd and Nacho share Mark’s obsession with David Bowie in the 1970’s. And his desire to create art under David Bowie’s influence. The three arranged to meet up with each other for the first time, with cameras and recording equipment to document Mark’s art, his process and his story.


This film is day two of their time together.

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