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Iggy Pop • CBC 90 Minutes Live • Interview with Peter Gzowski • 11 March 1977

Here’s a new restoration from multiple sources, of the infamous  Iggy Pop  CBC interview, that originally aired on this day, the 11th of March 1977.

This is ten sensational minutes of Iggy in his prime, brattish to the max, unpredictable, brilliant and beautiful.

The interview was held in Toronto, just prior to the start of the North American leg of Iggy’s The Idiot tour, that featured David Bowie on keyboards and backing vocals.

The tour had started ten days earlier in the UK on March 1st. Iggy and the band played 6 UK dates in 7 days, and then flew to New York on March the 10th.

The North American leg commenced with two Canadian dates - Montreal on March the 13th, and on the following night, Toronto Seneca College, as mentioned in the interview. There were 23 dates in total, including the infamous appearance on the Dinah! Show on April 15th, the day before the final show in San Diego.

"What sounds to you like a big load of trashy old noise is, in fact, the music of a genius… myself." Iggy tells CBC host Peter Gzowski during the interview. But then later he says, “I feel very strongly about what I do. And it's not all that good, I'm not that great, you know, really…”.

Iggy is fed up, or he's pretending to be, because he and Bowie and the band were at the last minute prevented from playing live on the show by Canadian music industry union rules. It seems the band had rehearsed that afternoon for the show. One can only imagine how great it would be to have seen them perform on the show.

Later apparently, after the interview Gzowksi said Iggy was putting on an act, because backstage he was "quite a pleasant young guy."

I restored and posted a previous version of this interview online a few years ago. But that upload was recently taken down by the host site Vimeo, along with many more of my videos.

I'm trying out alternative hosting sites, so let's see how we get on with DailyMotion for this upload.

Also, rather than simply put all those erased oldies back online with another host site as they were, I'm creating new upgraded versions where possible.

Since making the original of this video, I’ve amassed several better quality sources. So to my knowledge, here’s the most complete and best quality version that has thus far been publicly available since the original broadcast, over forty years ago.

Hope you dig it!


Audio and Video Source:

Iggy Pop • CBC 90 Minutes Live • CBC Toronto • March 11, 1977 • Interviewed by Peter Gzowski

Always more videos to follow, so please keep your electric eye on me babe!

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